Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Global Protest Map

John Caelah at Swamppost has put together a visual summary of the protests around the world.

From the accompanying blog:

Here’s some points about this series of maps:
  • They are organic, so events are added when they are discovered.
  • Of course, this is not all the events of protests or uprising in the world. However, I would argue that it is to scale, reflecting the density of reported demonstrations across a wide field of news sources.
  • As most of this was built in retrospect, the December and early January time frame has less of the more obscure demonstrations because they were difficult to research. Surprisingly, I discovered that news aggregates like Google, which I use often, only let you search the news back about forty five days.
  • The tune is a song called The Waltz composed and performed by a Venice Beach musician named Jourdan Stephens.

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