About this site

We are from Madison, Wisconsin USA. In February and March 2011, we had the bizarre experience of hearing about political events on Facebook, going to the Capitol to participate, and reading about the events in the national and international news.
What we have seen from the media is inadequate. We have seen distortion of facts and the absence of important information in the newspapers and on TV. We have also heard of protests around the United States but can’t find any news about them. If Wisconsin is being distorted, then the rest of the country is simply ignored.
We are witnessing a global demand for democracy that could never of even been imagined before. The technology didn’t exist to instantly connect with millions of people all over the world. We have learned from the people of Tunisia and Egypt that social media has played a vital role in organizing and connecting people who have had the power to transform government. We have an amazing tool to work together.

If this blog starts to generate a lot of traffic, we plan on spinning off a separate, stand-alone site custom-made to sharing news. The vision is of a resource that can get the content on most news events from the people involved in making the news.